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The advantages of AGV

(1) the high degree of automation;
By a computer, electronic equipment, laser reflection board control, etc.
When workshop a link need supplementary material, by the staff input relevant information to the computer terminal, computer terminal and sends the information to the central control room, issue instructions to the computer by professional technical personnel, under the cooperation of electric control equipment, the instruction was eventually AGV to accept and execute - supplementary material corresponding to the location.
(2) charging automation;
When AGV car battery is about to run out, it will send a request to the system instructions, request charging (general technical personnel will be set up in advance a value), after the system allows automatic charging to charge "in line".
In addition, AGV car battery life is very long (10 years), and 15 minutes per charge can work about 4 h.
(3) beautiful, improve the degree of ornamental, thus enhances the enterprise the image.
(4) convenient, reduces the area; The production workshop of AGV car can move back and forth to and fro in every workshop.
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