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What is the AGV?

AGV is (Automated Guided Vehicle) abbreviation, meaning "homing transporter", refers to the equipment such as electromagnetic or optical automatic guiding device, it can guide path along the rules, which has the function of security protection and a variety of transfer truck, AGV belongs to the Wheeled Mobile Robot (WMR - Wheeled Mobile Robot).
AGV mainly three technologies: hinge structure, engine division technology and energy feedback.
AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle, AGV), which is equipped with electromagnetic or optical automatic guiding device, such as Guided by the move to routes, which has the function of security protection and a variety of transfer truck, there is no need of the driver's truck in industrial applications, with the rechargeable battery for its power source. Generally available through the computer to control the route and behavior, or using the electromagnetic rail (electromagnetic path - following system) to set up the path, electromagnetic rail taped to the floor, agv is following information brought by the electromagnetic rail movement and action.

AGV characteristics of wheeled mobile than walking, crawling, or other non wheeled mobile robot with quick action, high efficiency, simple structure, strong controllability, good security advantages. Compared with other equipment that is commonly used in conveying, the activities of the AGV area without laying track, bearing rack device such as a fixed, not limited by ground, road and space. In automatic logistics system, therefore, can fully reflect its automaticity and most flexible, efficient, economy, and a kind of flexible production
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