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he history of the industrial robot


In 1920 the Czech writer karelZhaPeiKe in his script in ROM. Sam's universal Robot first used the word Robot, the Robot is the meaning of the word "Robot" coolies, namely the playwright's a person's appearance, characteristics and functions of the machine, is a kind of artificial labor. It is the earliest industrial robot vision.

In mid and late 1940 s, the research and invention robot has been more and more people concern and attention. After the '50 s, the United States at oak ridge national laboratory to research can carry nuclear material remote control of the manipulator, as shown in figure 0.2, this is a kind of master-slave control system, main movement of the manipulator. Adding force feedback system allows the operator to learn the size of the force f, a protective wall between master-slave manipulator, and the operator can through the observation window or closed-circuit television (CCTV) on robotic manipulator for effective monitoring, the emergence of the master-slave robot system for the generation of robots for the design and manufacture of modern robot for the stage.

In 1954 the United States wear wall first puts forward the concept of industrial robots, and applied for a patent. The patent is through the main points of the servo control of the robot joint technology, robots to make use of hand movements teaching, robot can realize the action recording and playback, this is the so-called teaching robot. The existing robots are controlled by this way. In 1959 the first industrial robot was born in the United States, ushered in a new era of the development of the robot.

Industrial robots in the industrial production can replace people to do some drab, frequent and repetitive job for a long time, or danger, harsh environments, such as stamping, casting, heat treatment, welding, painting, plastic forming, such as simple mechanical processing and assembly process, and in the atomic energy industry and other departments, complete harmful material handling or process operation.

In the late 1950 s, the United States on the basis of the manipulator and the manipulator, the servo mechanism and automatic control technology, developed a general independent industrial automation devices, and called it the industrial robot; The early 60 s, the United States developed two kinds of industrial robots, and quickly applied in the industrial production; In 1969, general motors in 21 of the industrial robot welding automatic production line of car body. Since then, each industrial developed countries attach great importance to the development and application of industrial robots.

Due to industrial robot has certain versatility and adaptability, can adapt to many varieties, small batch production of the 70 s, often combined with the digital control machine tool, as flexible manufacturing cell or part of the flexible manufacturing system.

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