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The types of industrial robot is introduced


Mobile robot (AGV)
Mobile robot (AGV) is a type of industrial robots, it is controlled by computer, mobile, automatic navigation, multi-sensor control, network interaction, and other functions, it can be widely used in machinery, electronics, textiles, cigarettes, health care, food, paper and other industries of flexible handling, transport, and other functions, also for automated stereoscopic warehouse, flexible manufacturing system, the flexible assembly system (AGV as activities assembly platform); At the same time can be at the station, the airport as a means of transport, the post office items separated.

One of the new trend of international logistics technology development, and the mobile robot is one of the core technology and equipment, with modern logistics technology cooperation, support, and transform and upgrade traditional production line, the elevated box to realize point-to-point automatic access storage, operation and handling, the combination of refinement, flexibility, information, shorten the logistics flow, reduce material consumption, reduce cover an area of an area, reduce the construction investment of high and new technology and equipment, etc.

Spot welding robot
Welding robot has stable performance, work space is large, movement speed and load ability, etc
Characteristics, welding quality is better than manual welding, the welding operation can be greatly improved productivity.

Spot welding robot is mainly used for the welding work on automobile as a whole, the major auto makers is responsible for the complete production process. International industrial robot with a long-term cooperation relationship with the major car companies, to each big car production enterprise to provide all kinds of spot welding robot unit products and in the form of welding robot and whole vehicle production line into China, dominant in the field.

With the development of automobile industry, integration of welding production line for electrode holder, weight is more and more big, the 165 kilograms of spot welding robot is one of the most commonly used in current automobile welding robot. In September 2008, the robotics institute developed domestic first 165 kg spot welding machine, and successfully applied to chery automobile welding workshop. In September 2009, after optimization and performance improvement of the robot are completed and passed the acceptance, the overall level of technical indicators have reached similar foreign robot robot.

Arc welding robot
Arc welding robot is mainly used in the welding production of all kinds of auto parts. In the field, the large industrial robot manufacturing enterprises mainly to provide complete sets of equipment suppliers unit products.
The key techniques include:

(1) the arc welding robot system integration technology of optimization: arc welding robot driven by ac servo technology and high precision, high rigidity of harmonic gear reducer, RV reducer and has good stability at low speed and high speed dynamic response, and can realize free maintenance function.
(2) the coordination control technology: control of multi-robot coordinated movements and displacement machine, can not only keep the welding torch and workpiece relative posture to meet the demand of the welding process, and can avoid the welding torch and workpiece collisions.
(3) the precise trajectory tracking control of weld technology, combining the advantages of the laser sensor and visual sensor work offline way, in the process of welding seam tracking is realized by using laser sensor, improve welding robot welding was carried out on the complicated workpieces of flexibility and adaptability, combined with vision sensors off-line observation to obtain the residual deviation of seam tracking, compensated based on deviation statistics and robot trajectory correction, under various conditions can get the best welding quality.

Laser machining robot
Laser machining robot is a robot technology was applied to laser processing, more flexible by using industrial robot to realize high precision laser machining operations. This system through the teach box online operation, also can be programmed by way of offline. The automatic detection of the system through the machining processing model, which in turn generate processing curve, also can use CAD data processing directly. Can be used in the laser surface of workpiece processing, punching, welding and mould repair, etc.
The key techniques include:
(1) laser machining robot structure optimization design technology: using a wide range of frame type structure, at the same time of increasing work scope, ensure accuracy of the robot;
(2) the robot system error compensation technology: in view of the integration processing robot working space is large, high precision requirements, and combining with the characteristics of its structure, adopts the method of the model and method based on the model of combining the hybrid robotic compensation method, completed the geometric parameters and the geometrical parameters errors compensation.
(3) high precision robot detection technology: combining three coordinate measuring technology and robot technology, realize the high precision on-line measuring robot.
(4) laser machining special robot language implementation technology: according to characteristics of laser processing and robot, laser processing special robot language.
(5) network communications and off-line programming technology, which have the network communication function, such as serial port, CAN realize monitoring and management of the robot production line; And realize the upper machine to control the robot off-line programming.
The vacuum robot
Vacuum robot is a robot which will work in vacuum environment, mainly used in the semiconductor industry, realize the wafer in a vacuum chamber indoor transmission. Vacuum manipulator to imports, restricted, large dosage, high universality, it become the semiconductor equipment research and development progress of the machine and the machine product competitiveness of key components. And foreign buyers to carefully review for China, belongs to the embargo catalogue, vacuum manipulator has become a serious restriction of semiconductor equipment in our country the whole machine equipment manufacturing thetime "problem. A direct-drive type vacuum robot technology belong to the original technological innovation.
The key techniques include:
Design technology: (1) the new vacuum robot configuration through structure analysis and optimization design, to avoid international patents, design a new configuration meet the requirements of vacuum robot for stiffness and scaling;
(2) the big gap vacuum direct-drive motor technology: involving large gap vacuum direct drive motor and high clean direct-drive motor to carry out the theory analysis, structure design, production process, surface treatment, low speed high torque motor material control, small multi-axis drive, etc.
(3) the multi-axis precision of shafting under vacuum environment design. Design method of the shaft in the shaft and reduce the asymmetry of the difference between the heart and moment of inertia of the shaft.
(4) dynamic trajectory correction technology: based on sensor information fusion and robot motion information, detect the wafer and between fingers benchmark position offset, through dynamic correction trajectory, guarantee the accuracy of the robot to a wafer from the vacuum chamber in one location to another location.
(5) SEMI standard vacuum robot language: based on the characteristics of vacuum robot handling requirements, robot operation and SEMI standards, complete vacuum robot special-purpose language.
(6) system engineering technology: reliability in IC manufacturing, equipment failure will bring huge losses. According to the requirements of the semiconductor equipment for MCBF high, testing the reliability of the parts, evaluation and control, improve the reliability of the manipulator parts, thus ensuring manipulator satisfy the high requirements of IC manufacturing.
Clean the robot
Clean the robot is a use of industrial robots in clean environment. As the production technical level
Continue to improve, the demand for production environment is increasingly strict, a lot of modern industrial production are required in a clean environment, and clean the robot is clean production needs under the environment of key equipment.
The key techniques include:
(1) clean lubrication technology: by adopting negative dust suppression structure and non-volatile grease, realize no particle pollution to the environment, to meet the requirements of clean.
(2) the smooth high speed control technology, through the trajectory optimization and improve the joint servo performance, achieve clean handling stability.
(3) the controller of miniaturization technology: according to the clean room building and operating cost is high, the miniaturization technology reduce the clean robot by the controller to take up space.
(4) wafer testing technology: by optical sensor, through the robot's scanning, get card box microtek circle has shape pieces, tilt and information.


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