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Virtual 3 d digital simulation


3 d Virtual Simulation (3 d Virtual Simulation) is the use of 3 d modeling technology, build the 3 d scene of the real world and through the software environment to drive the whole 3 d scene, respond to user input, depending on the user action react accordingly, and displayed in the 3 d environment. The key technology of 3 d simulation are mainly dynamic environment modeling technology, real-time 3 d graphics generation technology, three-dimensional display and sensor technology, the application system development tools, system integration technology, etc.

Shunda intelligent digital 3 d simulation of engineering mechanics, tsinghua university, huazhong university of science and technology, the digital 3 d virtual simulation. Adopt the way of diversification for customers and logistics planning production process simulation scenario simulation.

Logistics simulation: with the help of computer simulation technology and virtual reality method, each link of logistics system, such as storage systems, transportation systems, etc.) for modeling and simulation, simulating actual operation situation, to guide the early stage of the logistics system planning and design and operation management

Problem is with the help of simulation technology of testable, quantifiable, rapidity, good stochastic expressive, scientific and economic characteristics, planning and solve complex production system discrete dynamic system of multi-objective decision-making problem

Logistics simulation related to distribution center, warehouse storage system, picking system, transport system such as the whole logistics network, multi-sectoral coordination and cooperation

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