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Two fused vs 4.0 indestry


What are the two fusion?

Two combination refers to the electronic information technology is widely applied to industrial production of each link, information become the means of conventional industrial enterprise management. Process of informatization and industrialization are no longer independent, is no longer a single drive and improve relations, but both in technology, products, management and so on all levels blend mutually, each other inseparable, and creating industrial electronics, software, new industries such as industrial information services. Two combination is the inevitable outcome of the development to a certain stage of industrialization and information.

On the 16th national congress of the communist party of China, President jiangzemin first proposed "to drive industrialization by informationization, industrialization promotes informatization" the guiding ideology of the new industrialization path; After five years of development and perfection, on the 17th national congress of the communist party of China, President hujintao continue to improve the "development of modern industry system, promote the informatization and industrialization fusion" of the new scientific concept of development, the concept of two combination on the form.

"Enterprise information, the information of bar code", national "Internet of things the 12th five-year plan" of the.
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