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Two fused vs 4.0 indestry


The combination of four aspects

Informatization and industrialization in technology, products, business and industry from four aspects to merge. That is to say, two fusion including technology integration, product integration and business integration, industry derived from four aspects.

Technology integration is refers to the industrial technology and the integration of information technology, new technology, promote technological innovation. Auto manufacturing technology and electronic technology, for example, the fusion of automobile electronic technology, industrial and computer control technology integration of industrial control technology.

Product integration is refers to the electronic information technology or product penetration to the products, increase the technological content of products. For example, after the common machine tool and numerical control system becomes a nc machine tools, the traditional home appliance adopts the intelligent technology becomes the intelligent home appliance, ordinary model plane increase control chip after became a remote-controlled aircraft. The added value of the improvement of information technology make the product is greatly increased.

Business integration is refers to the information technology is applied to the enterprise research and development design, production, management, marketing and so on each link, promote enterprise business innovation and management to upgrade. Computer management methods, for example, has changed the traditional manual ledger timely, and have greatly improved the efficiency of management; Information technology applications and improve the degree of production automation, intelligent production efficiency is greatly increased; Network marketing has become a new way of marketing, audience, marketing cost greatly reduced.

Industry refers to two fusion can create new industries, and formed some new forms, such as industrial electronics, industrial software and information services. Industrial electronic including machinery and electronics, automotive electronics, Marine electronics, avionics, etc.; Industrial software including industrial design, industrial control software, etc.; Industrial information service including industrial enterprise B2B e-commerce, industrial raw materials or finished goods wholesale trade, industry, enterprise information consulting, etc.
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