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Two fused vs 4.0 indestry


Two fusion - the Internet of things


As the backbone of China's industrialization, most equipment manufacturing enterprises is still in the historical stage of industrialization from the traditional to the modern industrial transformation and industrial upgrading in equipment, process technology improvement, not only more embodied in the "two combination" as the core significantly enhance the ability of independent innovation.

Upgrade path in the equipment manufacturing industry in China must walk the road of "two combination".

However, the overall environment in the equipment manufacturing industry in China at present is belong to two fields of industrialization and information, when it comes to management informationization, many software companies also in a state of by buying software CD, selling license, software as a tool could not have finished consciously "two combination", while the enterprise alone, great difficulty and risk, as a result, a single consulting and software implementation of a single boundary clear, industrialization and informationization "two skins" problem. When enterprise informatization and informatization, the advanced information technology cannot be converted to advanced manufacturing technology of China's independent innovation motivation, must explore truly achieve the new mode of "two combination".

More than a decade ago, when information technology (IT) has just entered China, analysys international, hampshire, extension of a batch of domestic modern consulting services such as enterprise is located in the "management + IT", starting from the software implementation of the integration, gradually formed "consulting service mode of integration, the complete with enterprise management and the depth of the information integration service mode, not only become a new mode of" two combination ", also become the new direction for software enterprises to service transformation. Since 2008, ufida, kingdee software vendors proposed "from service", "the customer management, depth of service", "as China's enterprise management experts" and so on, is the "consulting implementation integration service mode.

Consulting the implementation of integration, not only refers to the consulting company to provide clients with pure management consulting services or pure software system of IT service, but further through effective methods, tools and propulsion, transform the initial solutions and target component phase, can be born the transformation of the steps, will be implemented into is a consulting company and enterprise to share a series of goals, strategies, and behavior.

"Two combination" is a systems engineering, and software implementation is one of the ring, consulting the implementation of integration to expand a simple software implementation for before IT strategic planning, business process combing, process optimization, the process of ERP E, management and information technology application promotion etc.

By consulting the implementation of integration service mode, broke through the consultancy, software implementation of original service limited company, through the total package, professional outsourcing services management and information integration, the formation and closer service, enterprise and industry is the industrialization and informatization two fields "seamless integration", the only way to truly realize the "two combination".

More than a decade, extend consulting in China's ongoing enterprise management consulting and information service in the process of continuous summary refine management concept, summarizes the method of "two combination", integrate software tools and industrial resources, gradually formed unique "consulting service mode of integration, effectively solve the" single package, can not be implemented "and consulting company, the implementation of company or enterprise alone, cannot persist in" two combination "of the outstanding problems. Extending consulting found that information technology can be a "turnkey" project, but the enterprise management and information integration is the essence of improvement, "two integration", may be a "turnkey" project. Extension methods put forward the process management of 2.0, from the perspective of the enterprise basic management business processes, rather than turnkey way interaction with enterprise, and enterprise work together, grow together with enterprises, threw the paper sheet, make the enterprise from the original drawings to process optimization, process E transition.

2013 domestic companies in chongqing the young holding co., LTD., chongqingpinguan consulting is pioneering "trinity" of digital factory management pattern to promote two depth fusion, i.e., the "lean thinking intelligent equipment + + information integration" from ideology to the intelligent building and promote the information integration and equipment two depth integration management idea, thus further promote transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

"Two combination" is changing the way of industrial production
As emerging cause and application of information technology, the traditional mode of production and business models are inevitably changing. "With the Chinese academy of engineering WuHeQuan said, information technology and more closely the from all walks of life, the industry of the future mode of production, will also be significant change". Therefore, under the background of the third industrial revolution, the need to promote deeper integration of information technology and other industries, disruptive innovations in technology research and development, the successful transform to the "wisdom made in China" made in China.

Mention "made in China intellectual" core technology, information technology, WuHeQuan believes that "information equivalent to extending the intelligence of the brain, that we can do things previously unimaginable". Originally when it comes to network, for example, is refers to the communication, is now far not only that. Took limelight the smartphone strength, although the function of the phone and other mobile phone there is no difference, but its function is already beyond the scope of communication, its excellent humanized design, high quality, sensual pleasure into intelligent communication a new experience for us.

Also develop human development experience and the emergence of 3 g bandwidth, it not only makes the speed faster, also highlights the strong information processing capability. And discussion are hot Internet of things, and the next generation Internet, mobile, is actually in the original production technology, the use of information technology to upgrade. "China's" two combination "of the original, only buy CLM, CLP enterprise management software, to the production automation, the final analysis of the data in the process of the whole production and processing." WuHeQuan explains.

3 d printing is currently one of the models of the new type of industrial production, it broke the former production way of thinking, the development prospect. In traditional machining is the removal of cutting, cut off the useless, this is called subtraction. And 3 d printing is a layer of a layer of the material stack up, play much place piled high, not dozen place of less, formed by superposition, cascade products, this is called addition, to enhance the utilization rate of material. As the grasp of the fine design and printing materials, the current 3 d printing can achieve personalized production, even a flexible production line.

So, some countries see the 3 d printing as hands regain manufacturing from China, is used to provide personalized services to personalize the manufacturing. In the future, this kind of new processing technology, now will change the mode of production, from large-scale manufacture into a personalized. WuHeQuan analysis said, for our country the main use of cheap labor, no more production of the industrial powers, the emergence of personalized manufacturing will bring a great challenge to its traditional production mode. Therefore, our country should in independent innovation, transformation of development mode, reduce labor costs and so on to occupy initiative, deeper to promote informatization and other industries.

At present, although our country "two combination" facing some problems, but also to see their own advantages. Such as: China has the largest number of researchers in the world, with abundant human resources. In terms of intelligent information processing, and has the world's largest Internet users in China, the online resources, development potential is tremendous. And in medical treatment, the largest number of patients in our hospital carried global, case resources, if can by analyzing the cases of information to promote the development of medicine industry, also looks promising. "From the point of nature, our resource is not only often say physical resource such as water and energy, actually is also a resource of information. Whether effective utilization of these resources, is the important condition of occupation development opportunities in the future." WuHeQuan said.

"Two combination" need system innovation

According to the survey, in the new industrial revolution, 78.1% of the manufacturing industry in our country small and medium-sized enterprises have actively began to seek from the made in China to "wisdom made in China". This not only need to apply the information processing production, in production management, the system model is also a kind of innovation challenge. "From made in China to think tank made in China" white paper points out that the current China's manufacturing enterprises, or by supporting processing, outsourcing, or with the low price, high quality products, through the global procurement system of the multinational retail enterprises to enter the global industrial chain. And the core of "wisdom made in China" is the independent research and development ability is not strong in China has a vast market, through the way of integration of industrial chain in line with international standards, and promote the role of Chinese enterprises in the global business system chain.

At present, China has become the world's largest manufacturing center, there are 172 kinds of manufacturing output in the world, occupies the multiple hidden champions in the field of manufacturing products. Container production occupy 80% of the world, for example, 80%, 80%, 80%, toy battery bicycle, telephone sets, shoes, 50% and 50%, 40% of personal computers... But due to lack of core technology with independent brand, made in China is still a lack of core power. All the rage of barbie dolls, for example, in our country production value is only $1 of barbie dolls, cost up to $9.99 in the United States. Facts have proven that Chinese companies only transformation on both ends of the supply chain, can be in an impregnable position. But if the lack of mature management, system innovation, want to enter the science and technology research and development and marketing link, set up its own brand advantages, transformation and upgrading of successful talk easy? To "wisdom made in China" made in China, is a systematic project, need for innovation concept, management mode, system mechanism, deep thinking, adjust them accordingly.

The level of the national innovation system, WuHeQuan think, first of all should further optimize the education system. Especially the university education to the cultivation of talents in our country, to transition from exam-oriented education to quality education, broaden the professional field, to carry on the discipline overlapping, widen students' thinking, really stimulate students to explore innovative enthusiasm, interdisciplinary talents need to cultivate a large number of times. In terms of scientific research management, can focus on research funding for key projects, scientific research force, reduce because the project homogeneity and cause waste of money. In addition, the layout of should have the consciousness to the national key projects, for example, a materials genome, synthetic biology and other fields, the United States has been in its list of the state of their own plan.

In Taiwan, for example, Taiwan's industrial institute system is: all research costs only half comes from the government, the other half from the enterprise. "This means that the scientific research institutes from the enterprise to get more money, the money provided by the government will also be improved. Then how to get money from the enterprise? In addition to the transfer of results, you can also provide technology and talents. The pursuit of the government is not achievement transfer income, but the results into products, after the tax on corporate profits back to the government's large cycle. At this point, the enterprise can not only produce products, and obtained the technology, know how to improve the product." WuHeQuan explained that it can provide reference for our production, benign interaction.

To be effective combination, institute from which play a role of bridge is also very important. WuHeQuan think, now in addition to the part of the university focus on research, most of the university should be geared to the needs of enterprises, the linkage between production and create more economic value. For professor title appraisal to also want to change, more attention should be paid to the contribution of innovation and invention patent in the real industry, strengthen the scientific research personnel transferring patented invention to the practical application of power.

"Wisdom made in China" enterprise is the main body, management mode innovation needs urgently. At present, our country enterprise transformation and upgrading of industries synchronously, is bound to produce more of the enterprise management requirements, and will further promote the management pattern change. Under the background of the third industrial revolution, more and more Chinese enterprises begin to pay close attention to the establishment of the internal management system and has been put into action. Some scholars said that in order to realize the transition of China's smart, not only to learn western advanced management mode, more innovation management mode in China. Only to find to match the transition of management mode, to reshape the enterprise competitiveness, realize "wisdom made in China". [7]

Under the big trend in two fusion, cios must cope with the challenge of eight manufacturing enterprises

First, how to effectively manage enterprise business process. How can you make a routing numerous for Jane? How to make the process to implement? How to effectively monitor the execution of business process? The CIO needs to have a thorough understanding of enterprise business processes, to make the business process visualization, standardization, automation, business process to create a unified library, realize the integration of the information system based on business process between.

Second, how to effectively apply the latest IT technology. IT technology application in practice, continuously generate new ideas, such as green IT, smarter planet, clear enterprise, Internet of things), a new theory (EA, for example, an enterprise architecture), the new framework (such as SOA), the new model (SAAS and cloud computing, cloud security, for example) and new technology (such as wan acceleration, Intranet security), the CIO should actively absorb the essence of these emerging technologies, carefully brushed bubble at the same time, our advantage.

Third, how to keep up with the rapid change of the enterprise, information systems support the enterprise development strategy. China's economy under the government policy and investment drive, has preliminarily bottomed out and began to recovery, especially the performance of the car industry is very grab an eye; And some of the industry is closely related to the infrastructure investment, in fact are not affected by the economic crisis, rapid advances over the past year is still, such as railway, engineering machinery; At the same time, 3 g to the communications industry has brought new hope; Related to the livelihood of the people in the industry, such as consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, remained steady development; China's military industry as well as the national monopoly industry enterprises, still keep a good momentum of development. In the process of business change quickly, the information system must be able to support corporate cutbacks, implement of fine management. At the same time, the development of manufacturing enterprises is becoming more and more rely on m&a, expansion, and the extension of the downstream upwards, therefore, the manufacturing enterprise organization form is rapidly changed from single plant to plant, by a single organization to organization. Cios must, therefore, is committed to establish good openness, extensibility and configurability and flexibility of information system, capable of supporting enterprise organization, operation mode, such as mergers and acquisitions strategy, make the enterprise development strategy can be realized.
  Fourth, the information system how to meet the needs of business operations. Through the deepening application of information technology, business has been from the business department to stimulate demand, into continuously in practice requirements are put forward. Cios must effective management to business needs, analysis of demand is reasonable, whether it is a common requirement, and how the established information system integration, how to control the unreasonable demand, thus the enterprise the information construction in a planned way, make the information system to maximize meet the needs of normal business operations.

Fifth, how information system to adapt to the changes in manufacturing mode. In recent years, profound changes have taken place in manufacturing enterprise manufacturing mode, and gradually by the vertical integration to horizontal integration, more and more manufacturing outsourcing; Manufacturing equipment gradually by the common machine tool into numerical control, automation, industrial robots are used more and more. Gradually changed from discrete manufacturing to assembly line manufacturing; Lean production and agile manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing and other manufacturing theory is gradually applied in the manufacturing enterprise. Under the rapid change trend of the manufacturing mode, the CIO should be resolved from the key problem within the enterprise informatization, extended to solve the problem of cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises informatization; Enterprises to realize the closed loop management, it has to real-time access to manufacturing, quality feedback, therefore, cios must give full consideration to the application of bar code and RFID automatic identification technology; Cios must also consider the underlying automation system and enterprise information system integration, workshop and informatization become cios must focus.

Sixth, how to effectively implement IT governance. Along with the enterprise IT infrastructure and application system is more and more complex, manufacturing enterprises must carry out effective IT governance. CIO should be committed to set up the system of IT governance and IT governance mechanism, and to master and apply the IT governance approach, in the information system planning, implementation and operational process, rules-based, realize the sustainable development of enterprise information construction.

Seventh, how to achieve effective communication, improve leadership. CIO in the process of informatization construction, need to be able to with corporate leadership, business department and IT department staff to communicate effectively, the active support and participation of all parties in obtaining; At the same time, the CIO need and IT partners, including hardware, software vendors, consulting services and implementing partners, IT outsourcing partners to communicate effectively, establish enterprise and partners of mutual trust and long-term cooperation, so as to support the long-term development of the enterprise information construction. As a result, the CIO, should be to improve communication skills and leadership to gather resources effectively.

Eighth, how to effectively implement the management of IT projects. Enterprise information construction of year, shall be under the guidance of informatization planning, through the implementation of IT projects, to be able to fall to the ground. Therefore, pays special attention to the IT project management, accurately grasp the needs of the project, specific project implementation plan, the resources, goals and budget, tracking the progress of the project, and grasp the key to project implementation, pays special attention to the project document management, communication and coordination, completes the project risk control, to ensure that IT can in the expected time, estimated the cost of the project scope, achieve the purpose of the project, which is a key link in the process of the CIO increasing your credibility.

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