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Guangzhou securities

Guangzhou securities co., LTD, formerly known as guangzhousecurities company, approved by the people's bank of China in 1988, is one of the earliest established securities companies. Capital restructuring in 1997 at guangzhou securities co., LTD., approved by the China securities regulatory commission in 2001 as a national comprehensive securities firms. On August 3, 2012, approved guangdong bureau approval increase endowment spread, 1 billion yuan, after the capital increase the registered capital of 1.97776 billion yuan, now controlled by guangzhouyuexiu financial investment group co., LTD., as yuexiu group, one of the three pillar industries of guangzhou securities as the core subject of financial group.

Guangzhou securities co., LTD. Business scope includes securities brokerage, securities investment consulting (limited to securities investment advisory business), related to securities trading securities investment activities of financial advisers, securities underwriting and sponsoring, self-run securities, securities assets management, securities lending and borrowing business, as well as all other businesses approved by the China securities regulatory commission (CSRC) and other comprehensive business, have a sponsor qualification, bond principal underwriting qualifications, capital operation qualifications, qualifications of online trading investment advisory, asset management business qualifications, interbank loan market and bond market access qualifications, open-end securities investment fund consignment business qualification, share transfer agents, margin.

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