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German the SEW group is a company specializing in the production of motor, reducer, variable frequency electronic equipment of multinational enterprises, technical level and leading position in the world market share. The SEW Chinese companies to enter the Chinese market since 1995, adhering to the "pursuit of excellence, excellence" spirit of enterprise, over the years committed to the German advanced manufacturing technology, combining the Chinese wisdom and diligence, to high-quality goods and services, localization, development strategy as the main line, conscientious, steadfast work, now has developed into China's machinery industry well-known enterprises.

Today, the SEW Chinese company has three factories in China, seven assembly and technical service center, more than 50 offices, service network all over the country major cities. The SEW products are widely used in light industry, chemical industry, machinery, iron and steel, metallurgy, building materials, environmental protection, coal mining, auto industry, port construction and other major industrial areas. Become the brand of choice for many national key project.

The SEW company will continue adhering to the "pursuit of excellence, excellence" spirit of enterprise, positive enterprising, steadfast work, put the SEW the German brand in the earth in one hundred, contributing to the development of Chinese economic construction.
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