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OnJuly8,2014washeldinthemeetingroomonthesecondfloorshundaintelligent2014annualmanagementconference,inadditiontotheshopfrontlinestaffandsupportstaff,thecompanyallstaffattendedthemeeting. Themeetingisco
On July 8, 2014 was held in the meeting room on the second floor shunda intelligent 2014 annual management conference, in addition to the shop front line staff and support staff, the company all staff attended the meeting.
The meeting is composed of four most. , the chairman jian-fei gao speech; Summarized in the first half of the company, and in the second half and made that next year the company development strategy target, reiterated the company's values and ideals. Second, the management consultants Wu Gangjian speech; On the company's current situation and existing problems of parsing, and puts forward solutions to solve these problems, simply summarized as the following three points: 1, vigorously promotes the market; 2, to set up the target responsibility system; 3, strengthen project management. Three, departments group discussion; Four, each department supervisor to speak; In this section, each department manager to the department in the future is prospected, analyzes the problems, proposed the rationalization proposal to other department.
The meeting is the most specification shunda ever held in the company's internal a meeting, the meeting for the unified thought, clear objectives, public commitment, united goal has a very important role. Through this meeting we saw shunda intelligent welcome change, we firmly believe that through the joint efforts of all staff, shunda there will be a qualitative leap.

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