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Wuxi city mountain district Li Qiufeng present shunda intelligence research guidance

April28morning,thewuxicitymountaindistrictLiQiufenginyangshantowngovernmentpartysecretary,accompaniedbyWuLigang,visitthecompany,furthertopaccompaniedbycompanydirectors.  LiQiufengwardenfirstlistentoth

April 28 morning, the wuxi city mountain district Li Qiufeng in yangshan town government party secretary, accompanied by Wu Ligang, visit the company, further top accompanied by company directors.


Li Qiufeng warden first listen to the director of high escape on the company's development, the future prospects, development goals, the interpretation of the "smart" made in the development of the concept to give high praise, to the development trend of the strong. Li Qiufeng district, points out that the "two combination" and "industrial 4.0" for the development of China's major manufacturing goals, intelligent manufacture will be in the next few years China vigorously support key projects, the market prospects are very broad. Warden puts forward shunda lee intelligence as "two change fusion pilot enterprises in jiangsu province", China's "4.0" industrial practitioners, to further strengthen scientific and technological innovation, enhance core competitiveness, constantly improve, sets up the enterprise image, on the basis of the existing old-age, do big, do strong,.


Looking to the future, our company will be powered by leaders at all levels of care, further strengthen the scientific research project, to strengthen the enterprise internal management, for "wisdom made in China" and "4.0" China's industrial development to make due contributions.

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