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Manufactured from shundashunda brand
Shunda intelligent as intelligent automation equipment manufacturing, shunda since it was founded in 1991, in the past more than 20 years, shunda intelligent keep up with the pace of the rapid growth of Chinese manufacturing, gradually completed the resources integration, research and development technology, manufacturing, marketing various deep precipitation. With the development of its own to complete the "accumulation" and "mature" two stages of experience, to the third step is the "breakthrough" brand.

Adhere to the developmental road of specialization, the other people "have", we "optimal", others "superior", our "special". Construct platform for research and development design, and in such aspects as management ideas and concepts has carried on the omni-directional integration, further enhance shunda professional production strength. Cooperate with many world top 500 customers, to speed up the "manufacturing" to "smart", from the "production" to "brand", at the same time improve foreign network and logistics system, complete the design, development, manufacture, after four business strategy pattern of chain is neck and neck.

Over the years, 20 years shunda intelligence continues to forge ahead, continues to grow to make Chinese people proud of intelligent automation equipment manufacturing enterprises.


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