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Chairman message

We won't be left over every detail, sincere encouraged a little success, to make sure every employee in progress every day!
In more than 20 years, we each shunda people follow dedication for attendance, meticulous enterprise culture idea, confident but not arrogant, satisfied and not satisfied, positive and happy work in the appropriate position. With customer's willingness to lean manufacturing equipment, create beyond customer expectations of intelligent manufacturing (production) system. Let our employees, customers, suppliers share shunda innovation and development.
  Today, after twenty years of shunda intelligence has officially land China's capital market. All shunda people will see it as shunda pride and a new starting point. We will back to the capital and entity oriented, continue to uphold dedication for the attendance, meticulous, look up at the starry sky, down-to-earth shunda new idea, the more intelligent technology research and development investment, speed up the steps into the industrial age, 4.0 create new shunda smart brand, for our country to realize from the "made in China" to "created in China" the great process of contribute our meager strength. New shunda, new dreams, new cross, we work together, create our big different in datong world.


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